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    About Graffinis Swimwear

    About Graffinis Swimwear

    Graffinis creates dynamic, high quality cheeky bikinis, sexy high cut one pieces and leggings. We are focused on using one of a kind, unique prints which are photographs taken from New York City and around the world.

    The motivation behind our prints draw from our lifelong inspirations including art, travel, music and surf culture. Our mission is to create an ever changing design experience that evolves with our customers.

    Our two piece bikinis are sold separately giving you the option to mix and match sizes as well as the option to mix different styles. Our bikinis are also reversible allowing for an almost infinite amount of combinations every time you wear them. 

    Like our two piece bikinis, our bold graphic prints in our one piece suits give them an edge that most companies can’t come close to. Each of our one piece styles are incredibly well made for comfort and style. Not to mention sexy. Whether you are looking for high cut, cheeky or open back. We’ve got you covered, or uncovered depending on how you look at it.