Looking for Silk Cover Ups?

Looking for Silk Cover Ups?

Whether you are going to, or coming from your favorite beach destinations this year, chances are you wearing some sort of cover up along the way. A little over a year ago we decided the time was right to introduce the world to a new kind of cover up that one could wear to and from the beach, at an event or just lounging at home. The prints for these robes come from a variety of our popular Graffinis Swimwear prints and have been transferred to our incredibly sexy silk robes.

There is the Sea Glass which has a wonderful balance between the different greens and blues of beach sea glass. The Lights Out which captures the energy and bold contrasts of New York City at night. Our West 19th Street that plays off of the subtle highlights and reflections of New York’s West Side. And finally the MTA Silk Robe which displays a captivating collage of purples, blues and tans.

All of our cover ups are available in an indulgent silk charmeuse as well as extremely sexy sheer silk georgette. They are not only perfect as a swimsuit cover up in the summer, but also for those cool nights of early fall.


Graffinis MTA Silk Robe Cover UpGraffinis Sea Glass Silk Robe Cover Up Graffinis Lights Out Silk Robe Cover Up Graffinis West 19th Street Silk Robe Cover Up



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