Hot Time Summer in The City

Hot Time Summer in The City

Well well well, look who decided to show up! It’s been a minute since we’ve had some New York Summer Heat and we have to say that we kinda like it! As you know Labor Day Weekend is coming up and some people think that’s the end of bikini season. Not to mention no more white pants… But as you know, the times have changed and the season of swimwear is pretty much a year round thing at this point. (Thank God!)

While we have your attention we’d just like to fill you in on a few things that are coming up in the months to come. Graffinis will be launching some new and exciting swimwear that truly has never been seen before. New prints, new fabrics, new looks with the same great quality and level of detail you’ve come to expect from Graffinis Swimwear. We will totally keep you posted on all the new developments. Stay tuned!

As for this weekend we’re headed out of The City for some much needed R&R this Labor Day weekend. And as a bonus we’re hearing rumors that Hurricane Cristobal is making things fun with some decent waves. So let’s hope he’s able to keep the magic going over the weekend in the North East so we can surf!

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(P.S This is the suit we’re planning on rocking this weekend. It’s our Prince Street Halter Bikini.)

Graffinis Prince Street Halter Bikini

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