Graffinis Swimwear Street Seens

Street Seens by Graffinis Swimwear

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. We refuse to believe it is coming to an end… Let’s just get that straight right off the bat. We wanted to give you some updates about Graffinis Swimwear and share some recent projects with you. The most recent one is our Graffinis Street Seens throughout New York City. (Intentional play on words thank you very much…)

We wanted to shoot some of our luscious swimwear throughout different areas of New York to give you guys a “face with a name” so to speak. We wanted to contrast the colors in our bathing suits against the roughness that only this place has. Especially in the hot summer months. Take a look and enjoy and let us know your favorites. This project is leading up to our big Pre-Labor Day Sale that we will be offering in the days to come.

Have a great weekend and by all means stay cool…



Graffinis Union Square One Piece Halter Swimsuit Street Seens Graffinis Crosby Brazilian Bikini Street Seens 2 Graffinis Crosby Brazilian Bikini Street Seens Graffinis Over-The-Bridge-Brazilian-Bikini-Street-Seens Graffinis Boombox Brazilian Bikini Street Seens Graffinis High Line Brazilian Bikini Street Seens Graffinis W19 Bandeau Bikini Street Seens Graffinis WSH One Piece Bandeau Street Seens


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