Graffinis Shadow Collection

Graffinis Shadow Collection

Sometimes what’s old is new again. Take our Graffinis Shadow Collection for example. Many moons ago, we would offer solid black versions of each swimsuit style if a customer requested them. As time moved on, we started focusing more and more on our prints and less so on our solid black suits. Well, the requests for our solid blacks has picked up in the last few months so we thought it would be a great idea to “reintroduce” them on our website so that they’ll be available for everyone. As we perfected our fit we felt that they all deserved their own group. A sleek, sexy and sophisticated collection of our bikinis and one pieces.

And for those of you living in, or vacationing to a warm climate this Holiday Season, any of these bathing suits would make an unforgettable impact for your next Black Bikini Affair…


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