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Graffinis Swimwear has been creating designer bikinis and swimwear for over 5 years. When we initially started, there were very few options available for unique, sexy digitally printed swimwear. Especially swimwear that was affordable, well made and manufactured in the United States. That was one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. However, once we did, we knew that we could only improve on our quality and fit.

Throughout the years Graffinis has developed and improved the fit and style of it’s swimwear. Especially since many of our customers are active women who enjoy surfing and other athletic sports. The challenge presented to us was to strike a balance the everyday use and rigors of being active and being stylish. You, our loyal and expert customer, spoke, and we listened. Everything from what style bikini you prefer when you surf, to what style you like to rock when you are just day tripping at the beach. Or better yet, is there a perfect balance between a suit for sport and a suit to be seen in.

One of our mission statements is to focus on the fit of the suit and ensure that even though we may provide our customers with designer bikinis, at the end of the day form always follows function. We have expanded from this goal and Graffinis has proudly sponsored athletes for beach volleyball tournaments to surfers who are on tour.

We would be lying if we said we are satisfied at this point, because although we have accomplished much in the short time we have been a company, there still is so much more to do and create. 2013 was a great year for collaborations and we are looking forward to enhancing our brand, especially with our designer bikinis, one piece suits and accessories. Please stay tuned for new collections and collaborations in the months to come.

And, as always, Graffinis Swimwear thanks you for your support and business over the years.



Crosby Brazilian Bikini

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