Custom Swimwear for Sports Illustrated

Recently, we had the opportunity to design two pieces of custom swimwear for the upcoming Sports Illustrated. Been pretty busy over here at Graffinis HQ. A lot of really cool projects and announcements coming up in the next few weeks. We’re sending 2010 out with a BANG!

We met with a couple of their editors this summer at the Miami Swim Show and they wanted us to create custom swimwear was based off inspirations for their specific shoots.

One was for a Sea Glass inspired bathing suit that came from photos of actual sea glass that we collected over the summer. The next suit was an inspiration based off of an adventure and exploration theme. Considering Graffinis is New York based we figured what better way to convey this theme than using a vintage BMT Subway map!

These suits will soon be available for sale on our website later this year. In the meantime check out the pics below!

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