Arsenic Bowling Alley Shoot

Arsenic Bowling Alley Shoot?

You had us at bowling… A few weeks back we sent our W22 Crop Top Bikini and our W21 One Piece to one of our favorite models, Caitlin O’Connor for a photo shoot with Arsenic Magazine. We had no idea what the creative minds at Arsenic had in store for this shoot so needless to say we were blown away when we saw the final result. From the location to the models to how everything was styled and photographed, we were incredibly happy at how great it came out! We especially loved how our W22 Crop Top Bikini ended up “glowing” in the blacklight. You never know how good your product is going to be until you see it in blacklight. Did we mention the shoes? You know what they say, shoes always make the outfit!

If you want to see how it all went down, and we’re sure you will, you should definitely check out the video that goes along with the photoshoot. There’s some really great music in this video too. Lastly we just wanted to thank everyone who was involved with this shoot including Caitlin and the talented people at Arsenic for putting this together so professionally. Hope you you all like what they put together!

Photography by: Ryan Gunter

Styled by: Sam Tressler

Produced by: Niko Necoechea

Bowling Alley: Bowlero Bowl


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